Lord Prune Jucielaious III, The Lord of Life, Lexril, Banished Divinity, The Forgotten Lord, Conqueror of 500 realmsEdit

The GeneralsEdit

High General Tomlinson (Mr Tomlinson)

General Ben

General Tus-Yan

The LegionsEdit

Vaktovian Batallion

Mandorian Batallion

Golden Shield Batallion

Silver Sword Batallion

Bronze Dagger Batallion 

Demon Horde

Demon Witches

The BeastsEdit

Gongandator (Sand Bird)

Zombaldon (Six Armed Gorilla)

Ishiruu (Undead Titan)

F'Nor (Six Legged Polar Bear)

Ondol of the Stars (Green Chinese Dragon)

Karamax (Giant Spider)

Rondin (Golden Goat)

Ahkaal II (Anubis)

Joasol the Oracle (Three Faced Statue)

Genkal (Black Tiger with Orange Stripes)

The Lord of Beasts (all beasts together)



Mr Riley

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