Chapter 1Edit

  1. Prune seeks Ult for information on Builderman's whereabouts.
  2. Chase through offices with Prune's slave in tow.
  3. Ult hides soul.
  4. Preho introduced. Earth Lord/God killed by Prune. First of the Larrys introduced.
  5. Prune and Ult end up at the same movie theatre. Ult uses the screen as cover and fires an RPG at Prune whilst an explosion scene goes on in the movie. A fire is started, the movie theatre is burning. Ult and Prune battle and end up at a coffee shop. Prune shoots Ult, killing him.
  6. Ult comes back to life when he escapes banland (the afterlife/prison).
  7. ???
  8. Ult is told a friend is in prison and he's on the visitor list. Prune ambushes him there. Tom tries to kill him/capture him but he escapes after shooting Prune in the leg.
  9. Prune tricks him into entering a bakery, in which he's captured (after a fight that sets the bakery on fire) and Ult tells him where Builderious is. Astro introduced when Ult pocket answers a call from him. Astro rescues Ult.
  10. They go to a cafe, in which two IoM veterans are killed. This is the trigger for another long series of bad events.
  11. Astro and Ult are on the news as police are looking for them. They go to Astro's house. The police arrive whilst Ult is changing in the bathroom. He sneaks out and tries to steal their car (then back in to steal their keys) whilst Astro distracts them and answers their questions. Astro takes action when they know he has a gun and ask to see a license. He kills one of them and knocks the other one out (who is subsequently killed as well). The house is burned down, and the car (with the bodies) are also burnt.
  12. Astro and Ult visit Anarchy in a garage. A brawl ensues.
  13. ??? A hotel?
  14. Astro and Ult head off to stop Prune from killing Builderious at the airport.
  15. They arrive too late, and they become chief suspects for many of the deaths that Prune causes at the airport.

Chapter 2Edit

  1.  Astro and Ult hide out at a motel. There are some strange goings on, mutations. A dog with massive canines (like sabretooth fangs) is seen. They go in search for a way to remove their criminal record from history. An elite team of police have tracked them down and steal their car as well as Astro's belongings. They follow on to their camp, in which they take back the stuff and wreck some stuff.
  2. Astro and Ult head off to a club to meet with a contact of Ult's, Damian. There's an attack on the club by hired thugs, and it is revealed Damian is one of the bosses of Anarchy (who is also working with Prune). Astro gets angered by his blood curse as he was killing innocents. Ult starts drinking from general depression and the stress of the situation. Larry appears.
  3. Weeks pass, the two go to an Anarchy HQ. They try to find Damian, who Prune's sending and they kill many high ranked members of Anarchy.
  4. Another week later they go to the bar, 'The Red Vulture'. Ult tries to seduce Synthia, also having a slight fight with her. Astro fights Tom when Synthia goes. Tom throws his hat inside the bar (where Ult is) pretending there's a brick of C4 inside (he'd been shot by Astro). Tom climbs onto the roof of a building whilst Astro goes inside to warn Ult, who's in a back room of the bar. He was assured by Tom that Prune wanted him alive, but Ult dead. Mr Tomlinson sees Larry watching him on another roof. Astro realises there are no explosives within the hat, and runs back out. He finds a note saying "tick, tock" and the brick was actually under the paper. The explosion goes off, taking out some of the bar (STARTING ANOTHER BLOODY FIRE) and knocking Astro back. Ult heads outside, carrying Astro to a car that he promptly steals and takes to a hotel.
  5. Ult and Astro rest at the hotel, hearing news that they're now chief suspects in a terrorist attack on the bar. Astro reads the news of Prune's activities. They head downstairs to the restaurant but leave early as the restaurant manager is acting suspiciously and goes to his office to make a phone call. Astro hacks into the recording of the call, there doesn't appear to be a speaking person on the other line. The manager says 'This is James Conroy' and Fred Astaire's Putting on the Ritz plays. In the night the police attempt to raid their deluxe suite. They begin to make their escape (killing innocent police officers doing their jobs in the process). The manager of the restaurant turns out to be a police officer that arrests Ult and Astro.
  6. The duo aren't in prison for long. Their questioner didn't exactly have a salubrious mind, and Ult easily duped him. As they were walking out there was an attractive visitor and another police officer (wearing a mask). Trogar is introduced, as he is the masked cop. The woman is revealed to be Tus when Yan unexpectedly forces him to change form.
  7. A chase ensues throughout the city, with Trogar and Astro being chased by Yan's demon horde. Ult has mysteriously disappeared. They escape by blowing up a bridge. It becomes apparent that Ult went back to get their belongings from the station and is stealing a yacht.
  8. They're on the yacht for around 3 weeks, in which Ult and Trogar have become tense around eachother. The yacht runs out of fuel and they wait for it to float to land (after Ult has a failed attempt at making sails).
  9. They see land and take the life raft for the rest of the way (they're on it for 3 days or so).
  10. They land on the island. Malec is introduced as he owns a house there. Events are revealed from the realms, they find out some things about anarchy. They head to a contact of Malec's.
  11. They arrive at Juan's villa in Panama. Juan is killed by Anarchy hired militarist folk and Trogar + Ult are abducted. Astro and Malec fight through a mansion trying to find them, where they see an Anarchist from Chapter 1 (who had has legs broken by Ult and accidentally shot his friend). They get the locale for their location.
  12. On the rig they fight Anarchy and kill militarist/gang co-leader Marcello Solos. Some of those there escape, and Trogar + Ult don't appear to be there. Shin Shoo is introduced as an assassin from the council who has odd morals about honour, and ultimately decides to serve Noah. Astro finds a phone on an Anarchy Lt. with a message sent from Marcello's phone after his death, saying to go to Miguel's.
  13. Malec, Noah and Shin are visited by the stranger Vitor Aguilar. He explains how to find Miguel. They go to Brazil and trundle through the rainforest.
  14. They arrive at Miguel's penthouse in Rio de Janeiro. Miguel escapes, Ult doesn't appear to be there. Bombs go off. They fall through the floor as many were defunct, heading through the abandoned and rundown building they come across Samuel Ultimate who was locked in a room down there. They head for an elevator, the chord breaks, they go through the pipes and the sewers and end up not far from the building from whence they came. They find a crappy old car that needs some fuel and whilst on the search Malec is separated from the group and taken by someone. The guys are inside the garage when Rodriguez, an anarchy man, struts into the area with his girl Kelly. He wants them to come out nice and slow, whilst they set up an ambush. Things go wrong, a fight ensues leaving many Anarchy thugs dead. Ult questions Rodriguez shortly, Trogar brings the might of Thor into play as he kills him whilst wielding his sledgehammer and saying 'HAMMER TIME!'. Malec's hat is dropped from the roof.
  15. Miguel goes to a nightclub oozing with sleaze. Vitor poses as a bartender before killing him and states "soon Anarchy will know what Death really is" (which corresponds well to his comment to Shin that he isn't scared of death because he is death).

Chapter 3Edit

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